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Frequently Asked Questions

Question not on here? Chat with us using our Live Chat box, call us - or send an email.

When will my order arrive? 

Check our delivery information page for prices and shipping deadlines.

Can I read any independent reviews of Exclusive Memorabilia?

Yes, you can read independently verified reviews from past customers on Feefo.

What do I get with my item?

You will get a Certificate of Authenticity - which includes the date and location of the signing, and we use tamper-proof holograms to match our certificates to our products.

What are tamper-proof holograms?

They come in pairs, each have a unique serial number, and if you try to peel them off, they fall apart, so you know that if you see an EM hologram, it's authentic.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide, see our delivery information page for prices and shipping times.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Delta, and Maestro credit and debit cards. We also accept PayPal. All our payments are made on secure, encrypted servers, using SagePay. If you wish to purchase items by bank transfer then please contact us to arrange. This can be helpful if you are shopping from a country which has a high risk of fraud, in which case your credit card may be automatically declined.

What currencies can I pay in?

You have the option to view our prices in Australian Dollars, Euros and US Dollars but the prices shown are only a guide. All orders will be charged in Pounds Sterling as shown on your order confirmation, and converted at the rate determined by your card issuer. If you want to know exactly what rate they charge you will need to contact your card issuer.

How do I know your items are genuine?

Authenticity is everything to us, and obviously it's vitally important to you as a customer.

We've been in the signed memorabilia industry since 2002 and the foundation of our business is the strength of the relationships we have with players and agents. We've built these up slowly by treating people honestly and fairly, and we do the same with customers.

We ONLY sell products with original autographs, that have come from official signing sessions.

Other companies might not be as strict. Read about our authenticity guarantee.

Is the item match worn?

No, matchworn memorabilia is usually much more expensive and not something we sell.

What do I do if I want to return an item?

No problem, please read our returns page.

What size is the shirt (or boot)?

You know these aren't supposed to worn, right...? We buy a selection of sizes (depending on availability from the manufacturer at the time), but we might be able to find a specific size if you want.

Can I make my order anonymous?

Yes, if you like. Just email or call us and we can send the packing note separately or not at all.

What should I buy for my friend/husband/wife/nephew/cat?

Give us a call on +44 (0) 1392 877077 or chat with us via the live chat box, and we'll try to help you choose the best gift. 

I have an item of sports memorabilia, are you interested in buying it?

No. We never buy memorabilia from the public.

Do you provide valuations?

No, we do not offer a valuation service. This is a specialist service that requires knowing and proving the provenance of an item and matching the signature to known examples.
We recommend you talk to an auction house like Bonhams or Christies - or use a website like

Are the football shirts you use official replicas?

Yes, we use the same shirts you would buy from a club shop. If the shirt is older (not in current production) we buy official "retro" replicas made by the authorised manufacturers only.

My order is a gift and I need it urgently. What can I do?

Please contact us and we will do our very best to help. We can usually ship overnight.

Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

No, but you should! Creating an account lets you:

- Build a customised wishlist of memorabilia you wish to collect. You can email this to friends and family.
- Save your address and details so you can check out quicker next time.
- Review past purchases.

How do I set up an account?

You will be offered the chance to create an account when you checkout. Alternatively, click on MY ACCOUNT at the top of the page and follow the instructions. You do not need to input credit card or payment details to create an account.

How do I set up a wishlist?

You must first create an account (see previous question) and then follow instructions.

I have forgotten the password to my account. What do I do?

Simply click on MY ACCOUNT at the top of the page then on FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?

How do I know if an item is in stock?

On each product page it will state if an item is in stock or not. If the product you want to buy is out of stock or you can not find it then please use our contact form to tell us. We will let you know if and when it is back in stock, or if we are planning to do another signing with the sportsman you are interested in.

My order hasn't arrived yet and I think it should have. What should I do?

Please contact us and we will look into it as a matter of urgency.

Are all your items hand signed?

Yes, we never supply copies, prints or facsimile signatures.

How do you get your signatures?

All our signatures come from arranged signing sessions where the player is paid a fee for their services. Please read about signings here.

I have seen a similar item on ebay which is much cheaper. Why is that?

It could well be a fake. Please read our guide to buying genuine memorabilia.

Why do you not have many squad-signed items for sale when there are lots available on ebay?

Squad-signed items are difficult to arrange so think about whether it might be a fake. Please read our guide to buying genuine memorabilia.

When I receive my item will the photo on the Certificate of Authenticity show the item being signed?

The photo will show the sportsman or celebrity signing one of the product line at the signing session listed on your certificate. For logistical reasons it is impossible to photograph every item being signed. Some of our items are authenticated by PSA/DNA or Beckett's, the leading authenticators in the United States. If this is the case this will be indicated on the product page and you will receive a COA issued by them.

I already have an item of memorabilia. Do you offer a framing service?

Yes, we do, please see our framing page for details.

Do you offer trade discounts?

Yes, if you are buying sufficient quantities we can offer trade discounts. Please read our wholesale page or contact us.