Authenticity should be the number one consideration for any customer purchasing signed memorabilia. In 2019, The FBI estimated that roughly 50 percent of vintage sports memorabilia on the current market is fraudulent, with other experts putting that figure at almost 80 percent! With so many signed items available online now in various different selling locations, it can be hard to distinguish between an authentic signature and a fake one. 

Here at Exclusive Memorabilia, we can 100% guarantee our items are authentic. All our signatures without exception, come from official organised signing sessions where the signee is paid a fee for their services. This means that many items we stock are from closed Exclusive sessions that we organise, attend and witness all the items being signed. The remainder is bought from a handful of likeminded trustworthy companies with whom we have been dealing for years, and who we know to have the same high standards as ourselves. One benefit of only stocking items from official signings, means we know exactly when and where items have been signed and can provide photos/video evidence of this when possible. Furthermore, the quality of a signature from a signing session is usually much better than one grabbed outside a training ground or through a car window. We never accost players outside of officially contracted signings, as we don’t believe this is the correct way to do business. We also never buy memorabilia from the public or private sellers for all the same reasons.

Exclusive Memorabilia Signees

All items we sell come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) or with independent verification. The certificate guarantees the authenticity of your product. Items certified by Exclusive Memorabilia will oftern include details of the signing session plus a photo of the signee signing one of the products at the signing session. For logistical reasons it is impossible to photograph every item being signed — no company can do this — but showing that the sportsman was present and signing items is, we believe, the best way to demonstrate the legitimacy of your products. Where possible, we also provide video evidence of the official signing session either on our website or across our social media channels for further piece of mind. Our company details are printed on the certificate. Details of our company are registered with Companies House and our company number is 07596697. As such we are easily traceable and subject to UK law. If you can't find a company's details on its website then proceed with caution and remember you will have no recourse to the courts

Neymar Jr Certificate Of Authenticity

A number of items are also authenticated by a renowned third-party organisations, such as Beckett, Innovative Sports or PSA/DNA. These items will come with a certificate issued by these companies or with a QR code on the hologram which links to an online database. 

The owners and directors of Exclusive Memorabilia have been working in the signed sports memorabilia industry since 2002. With over 20 years of experience, connections and relationships with players and agents alike- we are renowed as one of the most trustworthly companies in the UK for stars to sign with. 

We always advide customers to ensure any signed piece they are buying comes from someone with the same reputation and clear authenticty guarantee that we provide. 

For any further queries and questions about our authenticty guarantee- contact our sales team on 01392 877077 or email