Rob Gronkowski: Three-time Super bowl winner. A five-time Pro bowl selection. Greatest tight end of all time? That one’s debatable, but there’s no arguing that Gronk has made some iconic plays in defining games during his professional football career with the New England Patriots.

Here’s just a few of our favourite Rob Gronkowski NFL moments….





One last reception…

Gronk’s last game in the NFL ended on the highest note possible- a Super Bowl ring! Tied in the 4th quarter with points needed, Tom Brady and the patriots made it to the Rams 31-yard line with a 2nd and 3 to go. Despite the double coverage on Gronkowski, Brady passed the ball perfectly through resulting in a 29 -yard reception. One play later- the Patriots scored the winning touchdown to become Champions for the 6th time.



Breaking records

In 2011, Gronkowski’s second season in the NFL, he broke the single season touchdowns record for a tight end after scoring 17 touchdowns. He also made 90 catches for 1,327 yards- one of the greatest in a single season for that position. His best game of the season came against the Redskins in week 14, where he recorded 6 receptions for 160 yards and scored 2 touchdowns.



Brady’s favourite

When asked about throwing to Gronkowski, Patriots QB Tom Brady had this to say “He’s had so many big catches for us. He just shows up at the biggest moments,” The pair played closely together during their playing careers at the Patriots and had multiple memorable touchdowns, but he chose this moment as his favourite from Gronk “ In 2014, he catches the touchdown on KJ Wright (Seahawks defence). Then we beat him on a crossing route under pressure, but only Gronk makes that play with his length and speed. Then I threw him another, call it a deep stop route, on K.J. Wright again. So I’ve thrown a lot to him over the years. He’s been so dependable, consistent.”



No stopping him!

Due to his impeccable size and strength, Gronkowski was almost impossible to take down. Over the years, after embarrassing multiple players with some incredible stiff-arm moments like the ones below, players learnt they had to tackle him low to stand a chance of stopping him.



Celebration time

Gronk was the life of any party, on or off the field. His party-boy persona is what made him such an incredible character in the NFL, leading to some incredible celebrations- including his iconic post touchdown “Gronk Spike”.



“How the f--- did you catch that?”

Tom Brady was caught asking Gronk that question after his incredible one-handed catch against the Broncos in week 9 of the 2014 NFL season. This is one of Gronk’s greatest catches of all time and my personal favourite.



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