Since working in the signed sports memorabilia since 2002, members of our team have met numerous athletes and stars of the screen. We've had thousands of items signed for us over the years by numerous different heroes. Here's some of our personal favourite memorabilia pieces and the reasons behind them:


" My favourite piece of memorabilia is this road sign from the 2018 Tour De France stage between Brest and the Mur De Bretagne.

I was there to see the stage as part of a cycling trip to Brittany and cycled the route the previous day. After the stage finished we liberated the sign and stored it in our Voiture Balai for the journey home.

Some months later at our first signing with Geraint Thomas I was able to get the winner of the 2018 Tour to sign it.

So this item is a memory of a great trip with friends to see the Tour signed by the maillot jaune from that year.

A unique and treasured item. "


James :

"One of my favourite pieces of memorabilia would be our Eric Cantona signed football boot .

Cantona was one of my first signings with the company back in 2016. We travelled to Lisbon, where Eric currently resides.

Being a United fan, I was very anxious and excited to meet one of the club's all-time greats. In walked 'Le King' and the signing began.

This piece of memorabilia will always remind me of not only an awesome trip, but meeting a legend."


Josh S:

"Mine would have to be the Darth Vader helmet!

Being a massive Star Wars fan and having so much fun during the signing session with Spencer Wilding, I think this would be my favourite item we currently have."


Josh P:

"My favourite is the signed Pelé 10 shirt.

Pelé is one of football's most iconic players and his signature on the back of a classic Brazil number 10 shirt is one of the best I've seen.

I've always admired the Brazilian style of football with lots of pace, skill and flair. I remember watching my dad's VHS tapes over and over of the 1970 World Cup, since then I have been a massive Pelé fan.

Being the most successful domestic league goal-scorer in football history scoring 650 goals in 694 league matches is why he is one of my favourite players ever."



"My favourite memorabilia piece is our Martin Johnson and Jonny Wilkinson dual signed England shirt.

I have been fortunate enough to meet both Jonny and Martin at our Exclusive signing sessions. As a huge rugby fan I was extremely excited about the prospect of meeting both rugby legends. Jonny is the nicest person I have had the pleasure of signing with and Martin's knowledge of cycling, NFL and football truly made me listen with awe during the signing.

The stories and knowledge I gained from spending time with these players are ones I will treasure.

The shirt itself is an incredible reminder of England's iconic 2003 Rugby World Cup victory! The large clear signatures from each player really do make it an incredible piece and one any rugby fan would be proud to own."



"My most treasured item of memorabilia would have to be my signed Diego Maradona Argentina shirt.

He's always been my favourite football player, not even the Hand of God goal changed that, so to meet him in 2005 was a privilege.

The signing session took place at his mother's house in Buenos Aires, where, while signing shirts and posing for photos, he chatted and joked and smoked a fat cigar. I still can't quite believe it happened."