Our continued journey to become a more sustainable company

Exclusive Memorabilia are on a constant journey to be more sustainable and environmentally responsible. We’ve made a lot of internal changes to lessen our impact on the environment and the next stage in our sustainability plan led us to reassess our packaging and make the necessary changes.

After some discussions, it was easy to decide to move away from our current cardboard boxes and plastic vinyl and move to a better solution. We decided that our authentic signed shirts will be wrapped and secured in tissue paper with new specially designed boxes to fit perfectly and eliminate excess packaging.

The next stage was to look at potential suppliers that match our goals and we found freckl. Their mission is to be simple and sustainable which fits perfectly with us. They provide quality packaging that is 100% sustainable, plastic-free, printed in the UK using non-toxic inks and the materials they use are sustainably sourced.

Working together we designed perfectly fitting boxes with pre-cut tissue paper that will eliminate waste. After a few weeks of fine-tuning and ensuring we are only using materials that are necessary we had the perfect boxes for us.

Thanks to freckl, we now have custom boxes that have been constructed without glue and an added rip strip and reseal strip for easy returns, saving more wastage. Our stickers and tissue paper are also compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable adding to the sustainability of our packaging. All our new packaging has been chosen to be better for the environment lessening our carbon footprint.

Exclusive Memorabilia will continue to be an environmentally responsible company that is more and more sustainable each day. We will make changes big and small to keep having a positive impact on the planet and less effect on climate change.

Due to our sustainability efforts, we will not offer vinyl presentation packs as standard, vinyl packs will now cost £5.